Anytime, Anyplace - Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow, Nor Hail Will Stop The Houston's From Delivering.

Houston's has more than 25 years in the mobile catering business. They have 7 mobile unites, which include, cooking facilities, refrigeration trailers, serving wagons, generators, tents, tables, chairs and everything else needed to set up a complete restaurant - capable of serving more than 3,000 people at any remote site.

Houston's facilities have been set up in city parks, truck shops, sawmill lunch rooms, dusty deserts, grassy pastures, a salmon fish hatchery, a military base, national parks and national forests. The extremes of mother nature have been part of their past. They have seen it all in camps where snow, rain, hail and sleet have visited, with temperatures that have ranged from freezing to 117 degrees in the shade.

In 1988 Houstons were involved in one of the biggest fire disasters in history. The Yellowstone National Park forest fires kept them away from home for 57 days. The Houstons had their kitchens set up at the Crandall Base camp, east of Cooke City, Montana. More than 128,000 meals were served to firefighters during the fire. Meals included 10,368 steaks, 73,080 eggs, 6,195 pounds of chicken and 4,441 gallons of milk. Watching the fire burn right to the limits of camp, was a sight that none of the Houstons hoped to see again.

However, 1994 brought a year to top 1998. The Houstons left home on May 27th and did not return until September 4th. In over 90 days, the Houstons prepared meals for firefighters in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Washington, with sightings of wild boars and bears near some of these camps.

Each year catering adventures seem to increase, as in the summer of 1996, when new records where set. The Houstons were away from home for a record 97 days. A majority of the days were spent in Oregon - previously the only state in the western United States in which the Houstons had not catered. The Oregon fire named "The Bull Fire", nearly charged over the Houstons crew as they were ordered to evacuate camp in the middle of the night for fear of being burned over. Everyone was given a few minutes to grab themselves a blanket and get on the road. That night the Bull Camp, consisting of more than 2,200 personnel, slept in a big grassy meadow with only a sleeping bag and the crickets between them and the unknown wilderness.

Since the beginning in 1977, the Houstons have prepared and served more than 3 million meals at remote sites all over the west. With experience and a love for serving others, the Houstons have become well-known throughout the west. With a crew of 20, the Houstons are capable of preparing meals for more than 3,000 people, 3 times a day. Some of their mornings may start at 3:00 am or not end until midnight, but this is their business and they take great pride in doing it right. Through their history, they have certainly proved that they can go anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, to provide a top-of-the-line food service.

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